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Signed Jerseys

BS Collectibles

Authentic Signed Jerseys

BS Collectibles has perfected the game when it comes to framed and signed jerseys. We deal exclusively with authentic signed merchandise and take this responsibility very seriously, knowing that authenticity is where the value lies. That’s why when you see a BS Collectible logo, you can be sure it’s a stamp of authenticity.

If you’ve already snagged a sweet helmet from one of our live breaks, it’s time to step it up a notch with one of our signed jerseys. They make perfect gifts for loved ones on occasions such as Father’s Day, Christmas, or any day you feel like spreading cheer to fellow sports fans.

Signed jerseys also are the perfect way to treat yourself… now’s the time to buy a memento of your current or childhood favorite player.

At BS Collectibles, we can help add to your collection of authentic autographed jerseys. Check out our socials to learn about our live breaks on our FAQ or browse our available inventory below.

We take our responsibility to deal exclusively with authentic signed merchandise very seriously, and that’s why we always put our logo on our products to prove their authenticity.

Stop by our retail store today to fulfill all of your sports memorabilia needs!

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About BS Collectibles

We first started bringing genuine sports memorabilia to fans in 2018. We started with a small audience and only grew from there.

Now we have had MANY sales and brought real sports collectibles to fans all over the country. Our live streams keep the fun and excitement growing, so it’s a game in itself!

You can see any of our Signed Jerseys, Football Helmets, and more! Join in on the fun today and get your spot in our next mystery box break!

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