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Live Breaks

Once a break is full, it will be opened on the very next Break Night (Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday Nights) unless the break says “Lunch Break” in the title, then it will be opened at the next Day Break (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

Our Breaks start at 7:30pm CST on Tuesday Nights, 7:30pm CST on Thursday Nights, and 6:30pm CST on Sunday Nights. The order of the breaks goes eBay, Facebook, Website, and then Live Fills. Feel free to check out our other platforms!!

Our BS Collectibles Brand features the following:

  • No College Helmets or Jerseys
  • No VSR4/Proline Style Helmets
  • All 32 teams have multiple hits at all times

Prices for Breaks that are by team are determined solely based on the popularity of the team, not by the quality or quantity of the possible hits. View upcoming hits here!

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