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Live Streams

Welcome to the most trusted and fun Live Streams available, with the biggest hits and biggest variety!

When do you go live and when do the spots become available for purchase on the website?


Is there a checklist or list of chasers in your streams? No, to allow for the most variety and hottest players we have Upcoming Hits that can be seen here View upcoming hits here! These are just some of the actual helmets/jerseys you will see in our streams, as we have many more hits that aren’t shown!

How do I claim a team or a spot? Our spots are filled on a first come first served basis. Teams can’t be reserved, they must be purchased when the website spots go live (see chart above). We also have prefills on our Facebook Group “BS Collectibles” where teams and spots can be purchased. Find the Facebook Group for details.

Where do I watch the Live Streams?  Our Youtube Channel BS Collectibles.

Why stream with BS Collectibles?

  • BIG Hits, BIG Variety
  • No VSR-4 Style Helmets, No College Items, and all 32 teams have multiple and possible hits
  • Our streams are fun and professional, and our community is second to none!
  • Fast shipping, great customer service

Shipping and tax included! For amusement only. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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