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Live Breaks FAQ

How do “Breaks” Work

Breaks provide you with a chance at owning a certified autographed piece of sports memorabilia at a fraction of the cost! When you enter a break you will have a team or teams, and if within one of our Mystery Boxes (for the break you are in) there is an item (helmet, jersey, etc) that is designated to that team, you win that item!! For example, if you have the Green Bay Packers, and in one of our Mystery Boxes we open live on camera there is an Aaron Rodgers mini helmet, it’s yours!! However, if none of the Mystery Boxes for that break contain an item from your designated team, you don’t win anything.

What is a Mystery Box

A Mystery Box is a sealed box that contains an autographed memorabilia item. The concept of a “mystery box” is to allow collectors the chance to own high-level autographed items at a much more affordable price point. It also adds a little extra intrigue to the buying process. Mystery boxes give that adrenaline rush to fans looking to hit the jackpot, but still, ensure that every fan wins a great value.

Mystery Boxes are not only a great treat for yourself; they can make the best gifts for your friends and family too!

What is a certificate of authenticity and why is it important?

A certificate of authenticity is also known as a COA. This is the sole identifier that a piece of memorabilia is genuine and authentic. There are a handful of reputable companies out there and we only work with the best. Every certificate of authenticity has a tamper-proof sticker that is applied to the specific item and some come with a matching card to match the sticker serial number. The serial number can be entered into the third parties’ database (if applicable) so that the recipient of the memorabilia can easily verify the authenticity. This proof is what will keep the item’s value on the rise!

Most, if not all, of our memorabilia, is certified by the following reputable COA companies: Beckett, JSA, Fanatics, Radtke, Schwartz, and PSA/DNA.

How can I stay connected with BS Collectibles so I don’t miss out on anything (FOMO!!)

The best way to stay engaged with us here at BS Collectibles is by creating an account here on the website and signing up to receive emails/notifications of when new Breaks or items come available. You can also join our Facebook Group, BS Collectibles, to join in any breaks or promotions that are posted there. Lastly, find us on eBay and save us as a seller, as we post breaks and other items on there as well!

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